Developer Requested Improvement Projects

The Wilds 20th Addition

  • Completed work: 
    • All underground utilities completed. 
    • Asphalt paving has begun. 
    • Ninth Street W. has been paved. 
  • Upcoming work: Grading and seeding. 

The Wilds 21st Addition

  • Completed work: 
    • Engineering meeting the week of June 13 to finalize design. 
  • Upcoming work: Engineering to present engineers report to City Commission for approval to prepare plans and specifications

Westview Third Addition (Phase 2)

  • Completed work: Finish asphalt paving wear course this week. 
  • Upcoming work: Finishing street lights, grading and seeding. 

Westview 4th Addition

  • Completed work: 
    • All underground utilities completed. 
    • Roads have been paved.
    • Asphalt paving this week. 
  • Upcoming work: Finish street lights, grading and seeding.

Ninth Avenue NE Sanitary Sewer, Water Mains, Fire and Street Improvements

  • Completed work: 
    • Underground utilities complete. 
    • Mainline paving complete.
    • Paving is complete. 
  • Upcoming work: Backfill, grading and seeding. 

The Ranch at The Wilds - Private Project

  • Completed work: Paving base course
  • Upcoming work: Paving wear course