EMS Bike Patrol

2023 Bike Patrol Picture (JPG)

The West Fargo Fire Department's EMS Bike Patrol Unit consists of 23 specially trained/certified firefighters. These firefighters have completed training before serving in the Bike Patrol Unit.

These firefighters serve primarily on a regular patrol but are employed as needed in a bike patrol function. With a bike rack that mounts on the back of the fire department vehicles, each firefighter in the unit is able to respond to calls and patrol areas where needed with the bike.

The West Fargo Fire Department began using a bike patrol in 2019. The EMS Bike Patrol Unit is mostly used for patrol functions and large community events.

 EMS Bike Patrol Unit Benefits

The Bike Patrol Unit at the West Fargo Fire Department encourages all bike riders, young and old, to always wear a helmet. Accidents happen very quickly.
  • The Bike Patrol Unit can travel faster and further than firefighters on foot. This Unit can patrol remote areas with limited access by motorized vehicles.
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