Cardiac Ready Community

The Heart Smart Community Taskforce has launched a campaign focused on educating community members to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and how to access care quickly - before it turns into a cardiac arrest. Including programs such as: 

  • CPR Anytime Kits
  • Public Access AEDs
  • Community Blood Pressure Programs
  • CPR & AED Training

The 5 R's

  • Recognize - Someone is having a heart attack.
  • React - Check for a pulse, call 911, locate an AED and begin chest compressions. 
  • Respond - Firefighters, EMS, police or other PulsePoint users near you until help arrives at the scene. 
  • Reduce - The time the brain is without oxygen to decrease the potential for brain damage. 
  • Realize - We need YOUR help to become a Cardiac Ready Community.


With the free PulsePoint app, residents are empowered to provide life-saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

App users who have indicated they are trained in CPR and willing to assist in case of an emergency can be notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR. PulsePoint can direct users to the exact location of the closest AED. 

PulsePoint also allows users to receive real-time updates on calls the West Fargo Fire Department crews are dispatched to.

Download the PulsePoint app today!

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Hands-only CPR Training

The West Fargo Fire Department is offering hands-only CPR training to businesses and organizations located in West Fargo. For more information on this opportunity, email Community Risk Reduction Officer - Travis Olson.