Brooks Harbor Water Tower - District No. 1311

Brooks Harbor Water Tower site map

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About this Project

The Project will involve the construction of a 1.0 million gallon elevated water storage tank, water mains, driveway, site work, lighting and other miscellaneous installations.

The purpose of the project is constructing an elevated water storage tank to increase the water system reliability and providing additional operational and maintenance flexibility. The timing is warranted by increasing population. 

The location of the proposed tank in the Brooks Harbor area is located on developer dedicated land and provides a second elevated water storage tank within the city limits south of Interstate 94. The location of the tower will also allow great visibility of the City’s logo from Interstate 94 and Sheyenne Street. 

Lastly, over half of the project is funded by the State Water Commission. 

Project Schedule

  • Begin Date: March 2018
  • Estimated End Date: November 2019
  • Percent Complete: 99%
  • Tower is operational

Estimated Project Costs

  • $1.6 million paid by the North Dakota State Water Commission
  • $1.4 million paid by City of West Fargo

Estimated Special Assessment

  • None

Road Closures

  • None

Completed Work

  • Pedestal
  • Tank
  • Doors
  • Pipe work

Current Work

  • Site grading
  • Electrical

Upcoming Work

  • None