Book Delivery for Daycares

Daycare Book Buddies

The Daycare Book Buddies service promotes early literacy by delivering library books directly to your daycare or pre-school. 

This service is available to licensed daycares and pre-schools located in West Fargo and the West Fargo school district. Library staff select 20 children's books and deliver them to the provider in a tote bag.

Daycare Book Buddies bag
  • Only local providers holding an institutional library card may request a Daycare Book Buddies delivery. To obtain an institutional library card, an authorized officer of the institution must accept responsibility for the card by filling out an application and presenting a photo ID.
  • Providers may request one delivery per month.
  • Books and totes are delivered on the first Monday of the month and will be picked up on the last Monday of the same month.
  • All items must be ready for pickup on the last Monday of the month in good condition. Borrowers are responsible for the books and tote bag, including all costs associated with damage or loss.

Request a Daycare Book Buddies delivery.

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