What is the blind exemption?

According to NDCC 57-02-08(22), all or any part of fixtures, buildings, and improvements upon any non-farmland up to a valuation of $160,000, owned and occupied as a home by a blind person may be exempt from residential property taxes. Residential homes owned by the spouse of a blind person, or jointly owned by a blind person and spouse, shall also be exempt within the limits of this subsection as long as the blind person resides in the home. For purposes of this subsection, a blind person shall be defined as one who is totally blind or has visual acuity of not more than 20/200 in the better eye with correction. It shall also include those whose vision is limited in field so that the widest diameter subtends an angle no greater than twenty degrees.

The exemption provided by this subsection extends to the entire building classified as residential, and owned and occupied as a residence by a person who qualifies for the exemption as long as the building contains no more than two apartments or rental units which are leased. Besides completing an application form, first-time applicants for this exemption must provide the Assessor with a copy of a doctor’s certificate stating that the person is legally blind according to the NDCC.

For any further questions, please contact the Assessor.

Application for Property Tax Exemption

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